Stafford Location. 

We currently serve Stafford on Thursdays from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm *times are weather dependent*

We are located in the corner of N. Union Ave. and W. Broadway street. 



Our mobile veterinary clinic is a full functioning clinic! 

We offer: 

Annual Vaccinations 

Wellness exams 

Spay/Neuter surgeries 

Full pharmacy 

and many more! 


Frequently asked questions! 

#1. Q. If I scheduled a surgery what time do I drop off? A: Drop off is at 9:00 AM  If you are running behind please call and let us know if you miss your drop off time and did not call you will have to reschedule. 


#2. Q. Can my pet have food and water before surgery? A: If your pet has had food or water the night before or morning of you will have to reschedule. When under anesthesia your pet can vomit and possibly aspirate, this can be FATAL. If you do not know if your pet has had any food or water please speak with the Dr. on hand. 


#3 Q. If my pet is not feeling good can I just call and get an RX (Prescription)? A: No we will not prescribe any medication without looking at your pet. If your pet is not feeling good make an appointment so that we provide and prescribe the best medication that suits your pets needs.


#4 Q. Can I charge (Pay later)? A: No we do not allow charging! All payment is due at time of service. If you don't have money to obtain services try Care Credit or Scratch pay its easy to apply and you will get results the same day!

If you have any issues filling an application out with any of the links please let our reception



If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lindsay, please call us at (620)653-2862 or email us at